Leia Is The Cutest Dog Ever, And Her Costumes Are The Most Adorable Things We’ve Ever Seen

November 17, 2017

Princess Leia Rose is a gorgeous tan-and-white Pit Bull-type dog who lives with her adoring family. Princess Leia Rose, or Leia as everyone calls her, is one of the most adorable pups around! She loves to spend her free time running around and playing with her friends.

When Leia isn’t playing with her friends, you can find her dressing up in some truly adorable outfits! She loves to dress up in anything and everything she can - from decking out as your favorite television characters, like Eleven from ‘Stranger Things’ or Tommy Pickles from ‘Rugrats,’ to wearing the cutest pajama set ever!

One of the funniest things about this amazing animal, though, is how her owners handle her separation anxiety. Leia loves Broadway music! When her momma sings Broadway music, the precious pup instantly settles down and looks for the perfect napping place. It’s helped her family learn to cope with her separation anxiety, and nowadays, she never suffers from it anymore.

Leia is hands-down one of the cutest dogs around today, and it’s not hard to see why her photos melt our hearts! She looks absolutely adorable no matter what she’s doing or what she’s wearing! This fashionista is sure to bring a smile to your face on even the darkest of days!

The luckiest people of all, though, are her doting owners who get to be around this cute canine every day! They don’t take her for granted, though, and they do their best to make sure she feels like a member of the family at all times. In fact, she was even a part of their wedding! It’s safe to say, Leia is living the good life!

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