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Leonard Was Destined To Be Euthanized. Watch How This Pit Bull Shines When He's Given A Purpose!

December 18, 2017

“Begin each day as if it were on purpose” ~Will Smith.

There’s something to be said for the difference between when you wake up with a purpose and when you wake up without one. With a purpose, you feel more energetic, happier, more focused, and life has meaning. Without purpose, life can be dull, boring and eventually you will find yourself without ambition.

Leonard is a prime example of someone who did not have a purpose or any direction in life. Considered “not family friendly,” this unadoptable dog was destined to be euthanized. Fortunately, this Pit Bull’s future took a different turn. Leonard was given a second chance to live a purpose driven life where he became Ohio’s first Pit Bull police officer, specializing as a narcotics K-9.


























Paying close attention to Leonard’s personality and strengths, they did not train him in the areas of “aggression or apprehension of suspects.” While in training they made sure to focus on where he would shine instead of allowing him to enter into a possible situation where he could potentially fail.

During his extensive training, they concentrated on one gesture; the simple act of sitting in the location where the drug smell is the most potent. He does not make any other movement or sound. He is focused, driven, and he does his job perfectly.

When Leonard is off duty his demeanor changes. Chief Mitchell, his newfound forever dad and law enforcement partner, says Leonard enjoys snuggling and giving kisses but, once he gets to the office and his collar and vest is put on, it’s work time and he’s “all business.”

Leonard’s life is a perfect example to all of us. Even if you find yourself at this moment in time without purpose, it’s not too late. Second chances or the ability to find your purpose is not very far out of reach. Use your gifts. Find ways to serve others and spend time doing things that fulfill your heart and soul.