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Leopard Runs Amok, Viciously Attacking Multiple Residents. Authorities Unable To Stop Rampage, Sending Terror Throughout Neighborhood

March 26, 2018

Living in India, it's never far from anyone's mind that wild creatures such as leopards, tigers, and lions are co-habiting with the human population. But, for the most part, these animals remain on the outskirts of town and rarely cross paths humans within the city limits.

But what do you do when a disoriented and misguided leopard appears suddenly in your residential neighborhood and begins attacking people out of fear and confusion?

That's exactly what happened in West-Central India when a leopard somehow gained access to a compound in Palher Nagar and surprised everyone by acting erratically and aggressively toward the residents there.

Clearly frightened, the cat apparently acted in self-defense when it attacked three residents, whom he certainly viewed as a danger. Fortunately, none of the victims was seriously injured.

The big cat, that apparently had made its way into the compound during the night and hidden in a construction area, attacked three people before authorities could sedate it.

The animal was running around for a full hour before anyone could safely get close enough to make any attempts to stop it.

Residents did their best to ward off the giant feline, waving sticks and making noise to try to scare it away from the area, but the leopard was so frightened he just ran around trying to find a place to hide.

Officers from the Forest Department had to shoot it a total of four times with a tranquilizing gun before it showed any signs of slowing down. Then, after about 30 minutes of observing the cat, they determined it was safe to approach the animal and remove it from the area.

Reports say that it was taken to a local zoo while still sedated. No one knows where the leopard came from, but authorities are certain that it was a wild one and not an escapee from a zoo or other wildlife facility.

We're glad that they were able to apprehend the frightened feline without having to kill it, and we're happy that no one was killed by this violent attack.

Now, safely ensconced in a secure facility, the leopard will have a chance to live out the rest of its life in a safe and protected location, so this can't happen again.

To see hair-raising scenes from the incident, watch the video, below.

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