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Lionel The Hedgehog Has One Of The Cutest Instagram Accounts You'll Ever See

August 16, 2017

Exotic Pets are a growing trend all around the world, especially now that they can become so famous online! Sometimes that’s not always a good thing since some animals that are publicized as great pets actually aren’t (like foxes and raccoons). This time though, the exotic pet actually makes a great pet for a lot of people so I’m happy to see his popularity grow! 

Lionel the Hedgehog is an Instagram star who rose to Internet fame accidentally! Anna Mathis rescued Lionel from a friend of a friend who could not give him the care he needed, and decided to start an Instagram account to post his adorable photos! She never intended for him to become an internet star, but Joe Jonas reposted one of their photos and their star shot to the top!

Since the start of Lionel’s Instagram he has been joined by Lilo! Lilo is another African Pygmy Hedgehog just like Lionel and she helps keep his Instagram spikey! Lionel live at home with a cat and dog as well, but they don’t like to share their Instagram with their siblings! They’re such hogs! 

On their Instagram account, you can find adorable photos of them wearing hats of all kinds - cowboy hats, and beach cats galore! You can also see them curled up in the shoes they love to hide in! These hedgehogs are just your average pets however! They love to float around in water - even without their own little pool floaties!

Hedgehogs are becoming popular pets in today’s day and age, and can be great pets for a large portion of the population. Personality wise and care wise, it’s almost the same as having a hamster, however their space requirements are more like that of the guinea pig. They do not have the same love of chewing things as a mouse or hamster though! They are nocturnal just the same however, and love to rearrange their cages at night. 

Lionel and Lilo are two Instagram stars whose rise to the top is surely not over just yet! I’m sure these two will continue to soar and gain more popularity as word gets out about these two adorable friends!

Lionel and Lilo’s Instagram account has over 125,000 followers and 650 posts! You’re sure to find the cutest pair of photogenic hedgehogs there if you want to live vicariously through these two!

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