Injured Fox On Side Of Road Comes Face To Face With Lioness, What Happened Next Shocked The Photographer Into Silence

July 26, 2017

It goes without saying that nature has a plethora of surprises in store for anyone that has the courage to seek out adventure. This is especially true when it comes to wildlife. Take for example the majestic and altogether intimidating lion. While male lions get a majority of the glory, female lions are the ones who do most of the work, which includes hunting for food. So, when a photographer saw a lioness stocking a helpless fox, he assumed that dinner was served.

The lioness approached the fox which, apparently, was unable to move. Whether from injury or from utter terror the fox could only look on as the lioness came closer and closer. To make matters worse, the large male lion soon appeared with little lion cubs following him. The male lion decided to take the fox for himself and was just about to go in for the kill when the lioness jumped in between him and the fox. The lioness was protecting the fox out of maternal instinct.

No matter how intimidating the male lion tried to be, the lioness stood her ground, roaring warnings at the male. The lion eventually departed, frustrated at being denied his meal. The lioness helped the fox to its feet and the little fox wandered off to safety. The lioness returned to her cubs and they all went off, in search of a proper meal. Motherly instinct, apparently, knows no bounds. Watch the slideshow below to see all of the amazing photographs of the encounter!

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