Little Bear Cub Is Orphaned By Tragedy. Within Days Her Rescuers See A Change In Her That Leaves Them Speechless

October 02, 2017

A helping hand in the face of tragedy is one of the most priceless things anyone or anything on this planet could ever want. For Tahoe, a tiny Black Bear cub, a helping hand comes one cold night, in the form of a complete stranger. The anonymous traveler finds the baby bear pining away beside her mother, who has recently died. The Good Samaritan isn't going to leave Tahoe there alone, so he scoops up the cub and takes her to a nearby shelter.

After traveling over 400 miles, the stranger leaves the cub at the front doors, wrapped in a blanket, then calls the shelter to inform them that Tahoe is waiting for them outside. The team of workers immediately takes the little bear inside to care for her and feed her. At just ten weeks old, Tahoe is now safe with her new rescue family and on the road to recovery.

Tahoe gains almost three pounds in a short period, which means she is getting the nutrition she needs on a daily basis. The teeny bear is content to stay in her new home for the time being, but soon she will be able to re-enter the wild. Once she gains the strength she needs, her rescuers will assist her with her hibernation and, when she wakes up, Tahoe will be free to live in the California woods! Watch the video, below, to catch a glimpse of Tahoe and her everyday life.

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