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Little Boy Comes Face To Face With Infant Gorilla At Zoo. Within Moments Their Adorable Interaction Leaves Onlookers Speechless

August 31, 2017

The mind of a child is a wondrous thing to behold. Children have the ability to show us how the world should be viewed. Children see the world through a lens of wonder and amazement that inspires us to take a step back and "smell the roses," as it were. This way of thinking seems to transcend the lines between the human race and the animal kingdom. If you look in the eyes of an infant animal, you may catch a glimpse of the same wondrous look that you see in your child's eyes. The little boy in this story comes face to face with an infant of the animal kingdom and the duo's interaction with one another is nothing short of wondrous.

Isaiah, the little boy, and his family are enjoying a fun day at the zoo. Isaiah sees all kinds of amazing animals like lions, giraffes, and zebras. Isaiah, however, is most excited about going to the ape exhibit. This will be his first time ever seeing monkeys, of any kind, up close. Isaiah opens the door to the exhibit and walks inside. Immediately, he is surrounded by dozens of enclosures, each containing a different ape family. Isaiah looks around in amazement and makes his way to each enclosure to see the amazing creatures. Finally, Isaiah arrives at the gorilla enclosure and is amazed to see a young gorilla sitting at the very front. The little gorilla is the same size as Isaiah. The two youngsters lock eyes for a few moments, trying to figure each other out. Then, all at once, the hilarity ensues.

The little ape darts to one side, hiding behind a tree. Isaiah runs to the other side of the tree and, as soon as the ape sees Isaiah, he darts to the other side of the tree. It is an adorable and unique game of peek-a-boo. Isaiah's family looks on in astonishment at the amazing ordeal. Isaiah and the little ape seem to understand one another and love the fact that they can play together, even if they are separated by glass. Needless to say, Isaiah wants to go back to the zoo a lot more often to see his new best friend. Who could blame him, right!? Watch the video, below, to see the amazing interaction!

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