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Little Boy Is Born Without Fingers Due To Congenital Disorder. Then His Parents Give Him Six New Hands To Remedy The Problem

November 03, 2017

There is nothing quite like having your family by your side when you face difficult circumstances. Eight-year-old Luke Dennison knows this truth better than most. Life handed Luke a bit of a blow the day the lad was born. With his family's help, however, Luke, quite literally, gets the upper-hand in the end.

Luke was born with a disorder called Symbrachydactyly. The congenital disorder caused the boy to be born without any fingers on his left hand. Although this didn't change the way Luke's parents view him, they did look into the possibility of prosthetics for their son. Unfortunately, prosthesis specialists informed them that prosthetics are an impossibility for Luke. While they did not give up hope, Luke's parents accepted the fact that their son would just have to adapt to his handicap.

As Luke grew, he did what he could to cope with the absence of his fingers, but things were just not the same, no matter what coping mechanisms he and his family tried. Luke's parents were determined to give their son all the help they could and, one day, they stumbled upon information regarding 3-D printing. They discovered that, with the right equipment, they could create a custom hand that would fit Luke perfectly. They also discovered that, unfortunately, 3-D printing equipment was a bit out of their price range.

With their hope dwindling, Luke and his family received a call one afternoon that turned Luke's life around. A generous soul heard about Luke's predicament and donated a 3-D printer to the family so they could accomplish their goals. Astounded by this generous act, Luke's father wasted no time in learning how to use this new technology, and soon set to work on a creating a hand for Luke.

The first hand he created was a huge success; it fit Luke perfectly and, for the first time in his life, the boy had working fingers on his left hand. The boy was ecstatic, but his dad wasn't finished yet. Luke's dad set to work on creating a plethora of hands for his son, each one helping with specific functions.

Luke’s life is now enriched beyond belief! One of his new hands helps him play catch; another helps him grasp things like cups and glasses so he can drink more easily. Luke even has a hand that enables him play cards with his family.

Numbering six in all, Luke's new hands are amazing, to say the least. Luke's friends love seeing him function with his new hands and Luke loves challenging himself with new tasks. Luke's family is thrilled that he is able to thrive and live his best life and, even though things started rough, Luke can finally wave goodbye to his handicap!

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