Little Boy Encounters Twins For The First Time, Leaving Him Completely Confused. This Is A Reaction You’ll Want To See For Yourself!

September 19, 2017

A fun moment in time, this scene takes place at a party where friends and family have gathered for a casual evening enjoying each other’s company. You can hear the distant laughter of everyone in the background. It starts to get louder, though, as the guests begin to focus on the unexpected main event, happening right before their eyes. Landon, a toddler, is sitting on a love seat, with a baby girl on his left and another on his right. They girls are dressed to a tee, and Landon is looking dapper in his blue button-up shirt. What makes this scene even more adorable is that the baby girls are, in fact, twins! Wearing cute little white headbands and adorable strawberry-patterned dresses, the duo appear identical in every way.

As the scenario unfolds, Landon becomes aware that the little girl on his right is starting to get fussy. Trying to avoid the baby's cry, he shifts his position and glances to his left. He immediately gives a blank stare of confusion, as if to say “Wait, how did she do that? How did she get over to the other side so quickly?” Wanting to make sure he isn’t imagining things, Landon glances to the right and then to the left again, in complete confusion as to what is going on. In his little mind, he’s trying to figure out how in the world there could be two of them. He’s in complete bewilderment!

Landon’s delightfully confused facial expressions will leave you in stitches, the two adorable little girls will warm your heart, and if that’s not enough, the contagious laughter in the background will make your day! Enjoy this hilarious video!

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