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Little Boy Rides Ski Lift Up Snowy Mountain. What Happens Halfway Up Has Everyone Praying For The Best

February 21, 2018

When a family went skiing in Utah, they were beyond excited for some outdoor time together. They had been gearing up for a long weekend in the snow-covered mountains and they couldn’t wait to spend their time together as a family. Little did they know how the day would turn out...

This trip would be different, as the kids were a little bit older; it would be the first time the kids would make runs down the big mountain rather than the bunny hill that they had skied on during previous winters.

Even though the family had planned for a seamless snow day on the mountain, things took a horrific turn early on in the day.

While the family was on their way up the mountain, the youngest son took a lift on his own. It was just him, his backpack, and his skis. What happened next was truly shocking.

The little boy somehow managed to lean too far out of his chair and fall out of the lift! Thankfully, his backpack stopped his fall. He quickly began screaming for help when passerby- skiers saw him hanging more than 15 feet off of the ground.

Within minutes, ski patrol and patrons surrounded the boy. He was screaming for help as they scrambled to him. He was terrified to death as he hung by his backpack and begged for help.

After what seemed like an eternity, ski patrol arrived with a ladder and they were able to remove the boy without any injuries. More than anything, he was shaken up.

The boy’s parents comforted him the trip came to an abrupt end as the little boy felt traumatized. Today, he is thankful for the skiers and the ski patrol that saved his life. Check out footage of the boy below just moments before he was rescued by the ski patrol.


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