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Little English Bulldog Can't Get To His Favorite Ball. When You See How Easy the Solution Is, You'll Laugh Out Loud

October 06, 2017

In most cases, our canine friends are much smarter than we give them credit for. Who hasn't been surprised by some hidden intuition in their doggie-bestie, right? Even the brightest of the breed, however, can make hilarious mistakes sometimes. Take, for instance, Toby the sweet English Bulldog.

Toby loves to play with his ball, and his ball is normally in his kennel. When Toby goes to retrieve his prize today, however, he finds that he is, in fact, separated from his beloved ball by a cumbersome cage. Who would have done this!? Who takes Toby's ball and dares to put it in another cage? Well, no one. You see, Toby goes into the wrong kennel and doesn't realize his mistake.

Toby is distraught and keeps barking at his ball, willing it to come through the bars. His owner even tells the pup that he is in the wrong kennel and, to make the situation even more hysterical, both kennel doors are wide open. The owner finally moves the ball out into the open and, only then, does Toby realize his blunder. Is Toby finally reunited with his pink ball? Nope. He enters his proper kennel and waits for his ball to come back to him there. Oh, Toby, you are too cute! Watch the video, below, to see Toby's hilarious dilemma.

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