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Little Fisherman Thrilled After Catching Her First Fish, But What She Catches Next Has Everyone Screaming

March 07, 2018

Fishing with your children like a right of passage; there are so many life lessons that can be taught from a line, a pole, some bait, and open waters. Perhaps one of the greatest life metaphors that can come from fishing is, “You don’t always know what you’re going to catch.”

When this daddy and daughter duo ventured out for a fishing date, the dad was excited to spend some quality time with his little girl. He couldn’t wait to share his favorite fishing hole with her, teach her how to bait a hook, and tell her all about life and the lessons that he had learned throughout the years.

The little one, named Amanda, caught on fast! Her dad was quite impressed with her natural ability for fishing! As he watched her bait her own hook, he thought to himself, “Sure, she’ll be just fine out there…”

Before he knew it, Amanda’s hook had gotten a bite! They both cheered as Amanda began to reel in her prized fish.

Then suddenly, they saw something else come up to the surface. Something much bigger... Something much stronger…. Something that they never expected to catch that day...

An alligator followed Amanda’s fish out of the water!

The two immediately began screaming!! Amanda and her dad were both far enough away that they wouldn’t get hurt, but the gator had every intention of enjoying a free fish! You can hear Amanda scream in panic, “Fishy! Fishy! He’s eating my fish!”

We’re happy both Amanda and her father are okay. Surely, they learned the ever-coveted life lesson, “You don’t always know what you’re going to catch,” that day with the alligator. Check out the video below!


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