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Little Girl Caught In Path Of Armed Gunman And Freezes With Fear. Just Then, Quick-Thinking Bystander Makes Bold Move That Makes All the Difference

February 27, 2018

Every day we read about tragic circumstances in which innocent victims are caught up in a violent situation that they had no idea was coming their way. Many times, the story does not end well, with people being injured and even killed by the villainous actions of someone intent on doing harm.

That's why it is so uplifting to find out that, even in the most dire of circumstances and often with great risk to their own personal safety, there are selfless citizens out there who think nothing of stepping between evil and someone in danger. The most amazing thing is that quite often the person they save is a complete stranger!! We applaud these courageous heroes and thank them for their uncommon valor.


In our story, we see a couple of armed robbers barging their way into a beauty supply store owned by David and Mamie Ugwuanyi. It isn't long before we notice that the couple's two young children are on the premises. Victoria, their seven-year-old daughter is seen standing between the counters in the front of the store. When she see's what is happening, she freezes in fear.

The robbers move toward the front and brandish a weapon at a customer. He grabs her and roughly shoves her away from the cash register and forces her to huddle on the floor.

He holds the gun to her head and tells her something that we cannot hear.

We can only imagine it is a threat of bodily harm, as she cowers in a heap, shielding her head from any oncoming blows.

Just then, the terrified customer looks to her left and sees little Victoria frozen in her tracks, in full view of the still-present criminals.

Without a moment's hesitation, this brave woman reaches out to the girl and beckons her to come. She immediately pulls the child under her protective wing and covers her entirely with her own body, to hide her from the thugs who are plundering the place.

There the two remain for the duration of the video, at which time we can assume the burglars have departed with their loot.

After, the parents of the little girl express their undying gratitude for the stranger's actions.

All we can say is Wow!! This is something that we don't see much in this day and age and that's the very reason we thought it was so important to share it with you - so you can maintain your faith in the basic goodness that resides in all of us.

And just look at that gorgeous face! We're so glad that she lived to see another day. And it's all thanks to the unnamed heroine who put herself between life and death for little Victoria. 

To see the entire surveillance video of the crime and to hear from little girl's parents, watch the video, below.

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