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Little Girl Cries For One Specific Reason. Wait Till You Discover What It Is

September 21, 2017

Standing on a step stool in the kitchen, this little girl is not happy, evidenced by the sadness in her voice and the tears rolling down her face. Something is making her very upset. At first glance you might assume that she’s exhausted, missing her blanket, or tear-driven by some other issue that would typically cause a child to begin sobbing. To everyone’s astonishment, the reason this little one is crying is not an ordinary one for a child of her age. It it, rather, a simple attempt to communicate an extremely important request.

After receiving two pieces of yummy goodness, she informs her mom that she didn’t get enough bacon and that three more pieces of her favorite food would make her tummy full and content. For all you bacon-lovers out there I’m sure you can relate when it comes to bacon. Can you really ever get enough of one of the most scrumptious foods on the planet?

As the little darling’s sorrow continues to pour forth, her mom hands her a tissue so she can blow her little nose and, hopefully, calm down a bit. By the sound of the mom’s voice, we can probably guess that she has one or two extra pieces of bacon set aside for her distraught little girl. One thing is for certain, today we welcome a new member into the bacon-loving community. Enjoy this precious video!

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