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Preschool Nativity Scene Goes South When The Sheep Steals Baby Jesus

December 15, 2017

Children are some of the most precious gifts on Earth; they make life so sweet and so silly. Recently, during a nativity play at a church in Tennessee, some children got together to perform the story of Jesus’ birth. The children, all under the age of ten, had rehearsed for months and months and made sure to memorize all of their lines. They knew the story inside and out and were beyond excited to finally be able to perform for the families.

Many know the story of the nativity. In the Christian tradition, the play represents the birth of Jesus. In the play, there are typically three-to-six characters; Mary, her husband Joseph, and baby Jesus. Sometimes, other characters from the biblical story will play a part as well.

This particular rendition of the play had seven characters: the three main characters along with three sheep and an angel. When the lights lowered, children walked out and the crowd immediately knew they were in for a treat, although, nobody realized just what kind of treat they’d be getting with this play.

The children were incredible actors; they knew their lines and committed to their roles. Well, all but one, that is. One of the sheep, played by a little girl, decided to go rogue on her role at the last minute.

As the children were all huddled around the manger and the little baby doll that represented Jesus, the sheep made a mischievous move. She was playing her part well, but then, out of nowhere, she made a bold move straight for the baby Jesus!!

The crowd laughed a little bit, thinking that this surprise might actually be scripted, but then, the little sheep tried to make a run for it!! The audience broke out in laughter as the little girl who was playing a sheep tried to dart off with her newest baby doll!

The best part was when "Joseph" began chasing after the sheep, trying to take back Baby Jesus! Before you knew it, the entire cast was fighting for the baby Jesus! After a couple minutes of fighting for the baby doll, a teacher had to come up and break up the bustle. Check it out, below!

We think this was just the cutest nativity play ever! Don’t you agree? Share it on Facebook if you liked it!