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Little Girl Says Goodbye To Dog Before School Every Day, When Mom Saw Their Unique Ritual She Couldn't Stop Smiling

August 16, 2017

It is no secret that dogs have the tendency to form life long bonds with their human companions. Whether their owner raises them from a young age or steps in at the perfect time later in life, dogs show undying loyalty and love to the people who love them the most. This is especially true when it comes to children. Much like humans, dogs will bypass grown ups and walk straight up to a child for some love. This was definitely the case with a dog named Samson and his favorite little girl, Sierra. The two formed a bond over the years that can only be described as one of a kind.

One day, Sierra was getting ready for school. She had her lunch packed and her favorite pink jacket picked out. While she was excited about going to school that day, Sierra was also a little apprehensive because going to school meant that she would have to be away from her best friend, Samson, the family dog. The little girl and her furry friend grew up together and were practically inseparable so any time spent apart from each other was time wasted. But, of course, Sierra had to spend time away from Samson at some point so, whenever they had to say goodbye, they made their goodbyes count.

Sierra made her way outside to play with Samson before she departed for school. Sierra's mom told her to say goodbye so Sierra bent down and gave the dog a kiss right on the mouth. Surprisingly, the dog leaned forward for the kiss as well. Sierra followed the first kiss with two more, each of them met by Samson leaning forward to kiss Sierra back. It was a beautiful sign of affection and friendship that proves all the more how loving dogs can truly be! Watch the video below to see the adorable goodbye ritual.

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