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Little Girl Wanted To Go Sledding On The Hills In The Pasture, But The Miniature Horses Had Plans Of Their Own

January 23, 2018

When winter rolls around, the hustle and bustle outdoors come to an abrupt halt. It’s far too cold to linger outside longer than necessary, and many would rather be snuggled up by a crackling fire with a warm drink in hand. When snow begins to fall, though, plans often change.

There’s something so magical about seeing delicate white snowflakes flutter down from the sky and form a thick, white blanket on the ground. Kids and adults alike bundle up in their warmest attire and trudge around in the snow. Humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy this change in weather and scenery. Animals, too, enjoy the snowfall!

One blustery day on a farm in Maryland, a family decided to partake in a classic winter activity, and the animals made it clear they did not want to be left out of the excitement! The kids pulled out their sled and looked around the property for the best spot. They soon spotted some fun hills in the pasture and, with sled in hand, took out across the field.

The miniature horses were already excited about the snow and the sight of the company in their pasture only added to their happiness! They quickly galloped toward their visitors. One child volunteered to go first. As she walked up to the top of the hill, a parade of miniature horses followed her every step. They did not want to be left out of any excitement!

After a bit of maneuvering, the young girl was able to quickly skirt around the equine crowd and bolt down the hill. Her furry friends took notice and began to gallop down after her. It was an adorable sight to behold! Thankfully, Grandma had her phone handy and was able to capture the entire scenario on video. Check it out, below, to watch the fun ensue!

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