Little Girls Want To Show Off Their New Dance But When The Music Starts It's The Horse That Has Everyone Talking

August 28, 2017

It is always good to have a pet in your life who understands you. Whether it is a dog who seems to know exactly how to cheer you up when you are sad or maybe a cat that knows when nap time is and cuddles with you every single day, pets have the unique ability to become far more than just animals in our lives. Often, our pets become our best friends. This seems to be the case with the horse in this story because he knows exactly what to do when his favorite little girls start playing their favorite songs.


On this particular afternoon, two little girls make their way out to one of the grassy areas where their favorite horse is grazing. The horse sees the little girls coming and immediately perks up. To make his day even more exciting, the horse sees the little girls bring a music player with them. The horse knows exactly what the girls want to do and he has no issues with it at all. The little girls stand next to the horse and he gives them a nod as if to say “Hit it!”


The girls hit play and the music starts to play. The girls bust out their newly learned dance moves and the horse, well the horse joins right in with vigor to spare. The little girls giggle as their horse bestie shimmies this way and that way, clearly enjoying the dance party just as much, if not more than, they are. Needless to say, this horse knows exactly how to shake his groove thing and, sometimes, that is what true friendship is all about! Watch the video below to see the hilarious duo bust a move!

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