Little Girl Is About To Be Adopted, Moments Later She Turns Around And Her Day Gets Even Better

July 28, 2017

Adoption is one of the most beautiful things in the entire world. For the child being adopted, it means a new life with a loving family. For the parents who are adopting, it means a whole new life that they get to help influence and love unconditionally. It goes without saying, that the day a child is adopted should be the most special day of their life. For one little girl named Danielle, her adoption day took a beautiful unexpected turn that she would never forget.

On the day of her adoption, Danielle was all smiles. She could not wait to go home with her new family and her new parents could hardly contain their joy. One thing everyone knew about Danielle was the fact that she loved Disney princesses. Much like my own daughter, Danielle would get a huge smile on her face every time she saw one of her favorite princesses. Knowing this, the adoption agency and the courtroom workers decided to do something extra special for the little girl.

As the adoption became final, the judge looked at Danielle and let her know that she knew how much the girl loved Disney princesses and proceeded to remove her judge's robe and revealed that she was dressed like Snow White. Then the judge told Danielle to turn around and, as she did, the little girl saw the adoption workers all dressed up as her favorite characters. The smile she wore only got bigger and the little girl and her new parents were floored by how much love the agency had shown them. Watch the video below to see the beautiful event unfold!

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