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Little Prince George Stepped Up To Comfort Sobbing Bridesmaids Moments Before Walking Down The Aisle, His Encouragement Forever Making History

May 25, 2018

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Royal wedding will forever go down in history as one of the most enchanting and elegant royal moments. The royal prince who found his love in the American actress created an elegant wedding day that fully represents their adoration for one another and their free spirits.

The American bride captivated the world with her elegant beauty and design for the already gorgeous St. George’s Chapel. Perhaps one of the most memorable moments in the wedding was the epic arrival of the page boys and bridesmaids.

The couple had 10 children in the wedding party. 10! If you’ve ever worked with children in any capacity, then you know how risky 10 children were. While it appeared that the children played their parts flawlessly, there were, in fact, meltdowns, attitudes, obnoxious energy, and more meltdowns.

Amongst the children were Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The crowd roared in excitement as the kids arrived, and the volume was enough to terrify any child. Which, unfortunately, is exactly what happened.

Two-year-old bridesmaid, Zalie Warren, apparently had a meltdown just moments before walking down the aisle. Royal correspondent, Emily Andrews, shared that “Zalie started crying when they were waiting for Meghan," Andrews said. "It was only a couple of minutes. So Nanny Maria Borrallo kind of looked after her.” But her condolences weren’t doing the trick- and it was just seconds from go-time.


That’s when Prince George walked over to little Zalie and gave it his best to comfort her! He placed his hand on her back and shh’d her lovingly- just as any good big brother would do.

As it turns out, Prince George’s had the magic touch! Little Zalie was able to walk down the aisle without an ounce of fear! All of the kids did such a wonderful job as they walked behind the stunning bride- don’t you think?!


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