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Loggers Cut Into A Tree, But Stop When They See What’s Inside! When You See What They Discovered, You Will Be In Total Shock

April 11, 2018

Loggers spend day after day chopping down trees. From early hours in the morning to late at night, their job of massive proportions tends to involve very little excitement.

But one day, things took a turn. As the loggers were cutting down trees, they came to a shocking discovery that immediately halted production. They could never prepare for what they would find, let alone how they would find it…

As they Georgian loggers were cutting into a tree, the found a truly terrifying mummified dog buried within the tree trunk.

Terrified, they ran to their lead who had never seen anything like that! None of the team knew what to do next or how to handle their discovery. They only knew one thing: they creature buried inside was a dog. Since they couldn’t do much more than wait, they decided to name the mummified dog.

The loggers who discovered the dog named it “Stuckie.”

The tree that encapsulated Stuckie was removed from the rest of the trees and went to an archaeology site where scientists could preserve the dog. They figured that Stuckie had died while chasing a creature. They suggested that the creature was a raccoon, although no one will ever know the truth…

If you’re wondering how Stuckie was mummified so well, you’re not alone. Millions have been wondering that same thing! As it turns out, a draft entered up the hollow tree and the air flew upwards in the tree trunk.

The tree also helped protect the dog from nature’s elements. A chimney effect helped preserve the dog’s corpse nearly flawlessly! You can actually see the dog’s teeth still intact!

Professionals believe that the dog died more than 20 years ago. Today, visitors can visit the Stuckie’s preserved body at the environmental center called Southern Forest World. Although a fair warning, the scene is quite gruesome, so if you have a weak stomach, you may be better off viewing Stuckie from a computer.


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