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Lonely Stray Named Bailey Was Pregnant And Living Under A Shopping Cart. Thank Goodness She Was Rescued In Time

January 29, 2018

Bailey already had a rough life. Now she was pregnant, alone on the streets without a family to call her own. When rescuers coerced her to come out from under the shopping cart that had been her home for who knows how long, she took a giant step toward the best life she could ever have imagined.

When rescuers approached her that day, she made the best decision in her life and, unknowingly, gave not only herself but also her unborn puppies a chance at a very different life. All she had to do was put her trust in the compassionate people who were determined to help this precious momma-to-be, and her life took a dramatic turn to something truly wonderful.

A few short weeks after Bailey went to the shelter, the time came for her babies to make their appearance. One by one, this courageous canine brought forth her litter. In all, Bailey gave birth to five lively puppies and was now the proud mother of four girls and one boy: Julep, Tini, Shandy, Ginny, and Gibson. All were healthy and, right away, Bailey demonstrated that she had all the natural instincts necessary to turn her into a caring, nurturing mother.

The little litter loved their momma so much that they couldn’t help but grow and thrive under her care. The home was filled with the pitter-patter of puppy paws, and unbridled joy permeated every room in the house. Never a dull moment with this crew!

When the puppies were old enough, every single one of them was adopted! How lucky these little pups were to find their own forever families! Once the “nest” was empty, the only thing left to do was to find Bailey her own loving family.

It didn’t take long before just the right person came along. Soon, like her pups, Bailey was on her way to her new exciting life in the home of a loving family who would always be there for her.

Never again would she have to wander the streets taking whatever that cruel world tossed at her. Instead, her days will be filled with long walks, good food, endless playtime, and, best of all, all the snuggles and kisses she could handle. What an amazing turnaround for this once-stray dog!

If you would like to meet the wonderful people who adopted the momma and her pups, be sure to watch the video, below. You will also get to view, for yourself, Bailey’s miraculous transformation, and also the first moments of life for her five adorable pups! There are smiles all around, both canine and human. Enjoy!

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