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Loubie Approaches Complete Strangers In NYC. Watch Their Response To This Golden Retriever After You See What She Does Next!

August 14, 2017

Have you ever just needed a hug from a loved one?  Or maybe you didn’t realize that you were in need of one and when you surprisingly received a hug the doom and gloom disappeared and your day got that much better.  

The effects of a hug are very powerful, above and beyond what many of us realize. We all need them but few of us take the time to give them.  We get so busy with our day to day lives that we forget to slow down and hug those who are special in our lives.  

That leads to the next question;  have you or would you randomly hug a stranger?  Many of us would probably respond by saying “no way!”  Many of us would be too scared to hug a stranger in fear of how they would respond or react.

Well, there’s one beating heart going around and impacting strangers lives left and right and she’s doing it with one simple gesture, a hug!  That’s right folks, this Golden Retriever, Louboutina (aka Loubie), is paving the way with hugs.  She's even throwing in a few kisses and handshakes along the way. She's changing lives along the way in the City of Greater New York.

With her beautiful servant’s heart, she takes the chance, approaches all walks of life and meets people where they’re at without knowing a single thing about them.  This New Yorker encounters all walks of life with the biggest smile, loving demeanor, and humble heart.

The response she receives from complete strangers is incredible.  The moment that Loubie approaches someone, hearts melt, smiles form and guards are let down. Strangers experience love from Loubie and the stress of life dissipates at that moment.

Today let’s change our ways and start focusing on hugging loved ones that dwell in our lives on a day to day basis.  Let’s start smiling more at complete strangers and let’s start greeting those around us with a warm handshake.  You will never be disappointed in investing into people’s lives.  In fact, you might be pleasantly surprised on how many lives you brighten along the way.