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Louie Is A Rare White Lion Who Was Forced Into Show Business As A Young Cub. Now He’s Loving The Retired Life

November 21, 2017

Lufuno, or Louie as his friends call him, is a breath-taking White Lion who lives at Lions, Tigers, and Bears Exotic Animal Rescue in Southern California. Louie loves to spend his days with his two lionesses, Arusha and Zulu, that he truly adores. He also loves relaxing in the warm summer breeze, relishing in the sunlight that warms his fur.

Louie was born on November 21, 2005, in Africa. His parents’ owners gifted him to Brian McMillan who brought him to the United States to be a performing animal. Brian was a lion trainer who dedicated his life to teaching these majestic creatures how to perform for circuses, movies, and television shows.

Louie is a big cat worth a lot of money thanks to his rather unusual coloration. In the entire world, there are only 100 White Lions in captivity and 13 in the wild! There are so few because mother lions who give birth to white cubs often abandon them to die, seeing their discoloration as a sign of weakness and disease.

Louie spent the first 12 years of his life performing for Brian, where he was featured in many movies and television shows. During his time as a show animal, he didn’t get the opportunity to truly be a wild animal the way a lion should be. He didn’t get to spend his days being free, relishing the sunlight, and enjoying the scents that wafted on the gentle winds.


As time passed with Louie, Brian began to look more deeply into the hearts of these lions. He began to realize that forcing them to perform for our amusement is not the best thing for these animals he’d grown to love so much. He was often forced to fight against the Television and Movie studios, fighting for better treatment of his animals on set. Finally, he made the decision to retire from show business and make sure his cats got the love they deserved.

Louie, Arusha, and Zulu were are all gifted to Lions, Tigers, and Bears where they are now getting the chance to live life as they deserve. This gorgeous cat is definitely living the good life nowadays, and he will never again be forced to do things he doesn’t want to do. Louie is sure to have a great life ahead of him from this day on.

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