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Loving Bride Stuns Her Best Friend When She Hands The Bouquet Directly To Her Instead Of Tossing It

January 03, 2018

When Jessica Nakrayko of Saskatoon, Canada, was planning her wedding to the love of her life, James, she was sad that her sister, who lived in Australia, couldn’t be there to help her out with everything. Luckily for her, her best friend, Jess, was there to take over! Jess took care of everything, from planning the bachelorette trip to Montreal to organizing a wonderful shower for her.

Jessica was searching for a way to pay Jess back for everything when she learned that Jess’s boyfriend, Adam, was looking for a way to propose to her. Jess had been so focused on making sure that Jessica’s wedding was perfect that she never stopped to think about her own future with Adam - and she certainly had no idea that he would be proposing! Adam asked Jessica if she would mind if he proposed during the wedding trip to beautiful Jamaica. With her sister’s help, Jessica and Adam devised the perfect plan to help him propose during the trip.

They kept the secret from everyone, with only Jessica, Adam, Jessica’s sister, James, and the photographer knowing what was going to happen. The wedding was a gorgeous affair, and Jessica looked stunning in her gown. Jess was too wrapped up in helping make sure the wedding went as planned to realize just what a bundle of nerves Adam truly was.

When the time came for Jessica’s final official wedding duty, the tossing of the bouquet, it was time. The D.J. changed the song to the Bruno Mar’s hit, “Marry You” and instead of throwing the bouquet, Jessica carried the stunning flower arrangement over and handed it to Jess. When Jess realized what was happening, she began to cry hysterically.

Jess turned around and came face-to-face with Adam who was down on one knee, holding the ring in his hand. She said 'yes', and there was not a dry eye in the house after witnessing the wonderful proposal. Jess had never expected that her best friend’s wedding would also be one of the most memorable moments of her life, and the start of a whole new chapter for her.

While most girls tend to balk at the idea of sharing the spotlight on their wedding day, Jessica was eager to share it with her absolute best friend. When word got out about her loving attitude, she had little to say other than “My best friend was starting her love story — I didn’t even think about that being me giving up my day. I have love and I want people close to me to have that love, too. I don’t think that people need to be greedy about love.” This is sure to be the start of something new and amazing in their lives, and we’re so grateful this story exists as a friendly reminder to all of us to not be greedy.

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