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Loving Elephant Sees Man Being 'Attacked.' Within Moments Her Response Leaves People Breathless

September 19, 2017

There is no question that the world is full of amazing creatures, not the least of which is the elephant. Elephants are some of the most compassionate and inherently protective animals on the planet. An elephant, named Thongsri, demonstrates this fact in a beautiful way, when she sees her favorite trainer in apparent peril.

One afternoon, Thongsri's trainer decides to do a little experiment with the loving elephant. Because of their close bond, the trainer is convinced that Thongsri sees him as one of her family members. To test this hypothesis, he asks one of the other trainers to pretend to attack him while Thongsri watches. The two trainers put their plan into motion and it does not take long for Thongsri to respond in heroic and loving fashion.

Thongsri charges in and chases the "attacker" away! The elephant immediately returns to check on her trainer and refuses to leave his side until he gets to his feet to show her that he is ok. The love and affection that is on display easily melts the hearts of everyone present and, needless to say, Thongsri shows the world just how loving an elephant can truly be! Watch the video, below, to see the entire event unfold!

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