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Loving Grandpa Makes KFC-Style Fried Chicken For Orphans, Then Shares His Cooking Tutorials Online For Everyone

January 04, 2018

Cooking is one of the greatest acts of love, and a home-cooked meal is a wonderful way to show the people you care about how much they mean to you. "Grandpa Kitchen" is a popular YouTube account, where a kind man, known only as “Grandpa,” shares his recipes for everyone to see. Grandpa cooks large amounts of food to care for the orphans from his local village.

Grandpa is more than happy to share his massive recipes with anyone and everyone, and he uses his YouTube account to help raise money to feed the orphans. He also uses a Facebook account to help raise awareness of his videos and to spread his recipes. It is definitely a great way to feed mass amounts of people, so if you ever hold a big party, he’s got you covered with his recipes!

He makes all sorts of amazing recipes, everything from Chicken Nuggets and Burgers to Giant Pizzas and Egg Fried Rice. Of course, he also knows how to make some really good breakfast foods, like regular pancakes and good old banana pancakes! He spends hours cooking for his orphans, making sure they get truly delicious meals, and very nutritious meals, just like they need.

One of his most popular recipes that he has shared is his KFC-style Crispy Fried Chicken! Since he posted it on October 6, 2017, it has been watched over 1.5 million times! He uses the materials he gathers and whatever ingredients he can get his hands on to prepare the food, slaving away for hours outside, to feed them.

When the children get the food he’s made, the smiles on their faces make it all worth it to him. Grandpa doesn’t feed only the village’s orphans, he also feeds the elderly people who have no one to care for them. Grandpa is truly one of the most loving and wonderful people, and it's easy to see why he has so many admirers. 

Grandpa’s dedication to feeding those less fortunate is one of the most wonderful things in life. He serves as a reminder to all of us, to take a moment and help those who just need a helping hand, and isn’t that a lesson we could all use a little help to remember? Maybe with the help of Grandpa and others like him, we can all truly make the world a better place.

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