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Loving Senior Dog Forced To Live On The Streets After His Owners Left Him Behind

February 02, 2018

Senior dogs are some of the most wonderful companions one could hope to have. They have a lifetime of experience behind them, helping them to be the best dogs they can be. They are sweet and have earned a retirement full of happiness and love after working hard

Sweet and loving Pumba was a senior who had lived with his family for years. He had given them years of love and loyalty and had earned his retirement ten times over. Unfortunately, they decided that to reward him, they were going to abandon him. When they moved out, they left him behind on the streets, no longer caring what happened to the dog who had dedicated his life to them.

Pumba spent the next year on the streets, fighting to survive. The neighbors fed and cared for him the best they could but he kept waiting for his family to return, sure that it had been a mistake. Unfortunately, it was not and they never returned for him.

Eventually, Hope For Paws was called in to come save him, and they were more than happy to do so. When they arrived, they put out a trap with food, hoping to easily catch the loving dog. He was too smart for the cage however and only stuck his head in, never moving his body in. They finally gave up on the trap and tried to catch him by hand, offering him delicious food.

At first, Pumba was unsure and didn’t want them to approach but he quickly settled down. One of the volunteers followed him as he crossed the road and offered him a gentle scratch and the love he deserved. He was happy to accept her care but balked slightly when the leash was placed around his neck, although he quickly settled back down.

They took Pumba to the vet, where he received a clean bill of health and lots of love. From there, he was able to go on to an amazing foster home through the Los Angeles Animal Rescue, where he now awaits his forever home. It’s clear though that no matter what happens next, he will never again have to fear or be alone. Pumba is finally getting the retirement he deserves.