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Owner Puts Luke By Side Of Road And Tells Him To 'Sit and Stay.' What The Pup Doesn't Know Is That His Dad Is Never Coming Back

September 17, 2018

Dogs are amazingly trusting and loyal - it's one of the reasons we love them so. But in the hands of unscrupulous owners, these traits can be taken advantage of - to the detriment of the loving pup.

When Luke's owner took him out of the car and placed him by the side of the road Luke was filled with excitement over the chance to be outside and maybe play with his dad. So, when the man told the obedient pooch to "Sit and Stay," Luke was more than happy to comply.

Then the minutes ticked by; Luke sat there, looking up and down the road for a glimpse of his beloved dad who was surely on his way back. The minutes turned into hours, yet no sign of his owner. I can only imagine what was going through the dog's mind.

Torn between obedience and his desire to find his dad, he must have had a difficult time waiting. But wait he did. That is until one concerned woman, Elena Knaizeva happened by and noticed the dog looking forlorn and frightened. When told by witnesses that Luke had been left days ago, the woman was filled with compassion and knew she had to do something.

Elena scooped up the abandoned animal and took him to the nearest shelter, knowing the professionals there would be able to help.

When Luke arrived at the shelter, he had a bit of anxiety over his new home, but with the help of his new doggy pals, he soon learned to love his new life.

But his best buddy of all was a little guy named Dennis. Dennis had been a stray that was discovered at a construction site and was suffering from a leg injury that caused him to limp. He was taken care of at the shelter and was recovering from surgery to repair his injured leg when Luke met him.

Once both boys were ready, Cause 4 Paws in Toronto, Canada, welcomed them into their "Foster to Adopt" program. Next step is finding that forever home they both so richly deserve. And as sweet as they are, Luke and Dennis should have no trouble at all finding just the right family. And whoever they are, they will be lucky to have this pair of charming canines!

To see more about Luke and his good buddy, Dennis, and to get an update on how they're doing, watch the video, below.

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