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Luna Refuses To share Her Toy With Her Sister Resulting In The Cutest Bout Of Sibling Rivalry We’ve Ever Seen

February 26, 2018

Luna and Jade are the two gorgeous parakeets who love each other more than anything in the world. Of course, like all siblings, they have their tiffs and sometimes they don’t always want to share. Luna is a gorgeous blue Indian Ringneck Parakeet, and her sister Jade is a stunning green Alexandrine Parakeet.

When Jade got ahold of a water bottle cap, she immediately fell in love with the new toy. Fascinated by the textures and shape, she knew that this was surely going to be her new favorite toy. Of course, Luna couldn’t help but be in love with the new toy so she was sorely disappointed when Jade wouldn’t share!

Like all sisters, Luna kept trying to snag the toy from her sister, and Jade just wouldn’t budge! Watching Jade keep the toy out of Luna’s grasp is one of the cutest videos we’ve seen all week and it’s definitely a ton of fun.