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Machete Wielding Maniac Attempts To Kidnap Two Children Inside Walmart

March 26, 2018

33-Year-Old Billy Yoe Budier-Herrera has been arrested and charged with two counts each of illegal carrying of weapons, kidnapping of a child, and aggravated assault, as well as one count of disturbing the police. On the afternoon of Friday, March 23, Budier-Herrera approached a mother and her 2-year-old child and began to threaten her. He told her that if she did not give him the child, he would kill her.

She refused and walked away as Budier-Herrera began to brandish his machete at her. He attempted to steal the boy from the mother’s cart, but she managed to take her son and hide behind the deli counter. After she called for help, he fled further into the store, looking for what he believed to be an easier target.

He attempted to grab another child but was stopped when the child’s safety buckle made it difficult to grab him. Walmart employees and an off-duty police officer tackled him and held him until police arrived, ending his reign of terror. Police say they also found a homemade shiv on Budier-Herrera that he had fashioned out of a plastic handle and razor blades.

Police also believe Budier-Herrera to be an illegal immigrant, and an immigration detainer has been placed on him. Hopefully, this case will quickly be resolved, but we’re so grateful he did not manage to succeed with his horrible plan.

This is a horrible story, and we know that sometimes we need a reminder of the good in the world after a horrible time like this, so be sure to check out the video below!