Major The Yorkie Loves To Show Off His Good Looks. His Gorgeous Photos Are Some Of The Cutest Ones We’ve Seen All Year

November 07, 2017

Major is a gorgeous Yorkie who lives with his adoring owners in Fenton, Michigan. He is also known as “Sir Barks A Lot” because he is always trying to protect his family from evil leaves or mailmen! When he was one year old, Major was adopted by his loving family and, ever since, he’s been living the good life.

Major loves to spend his free time doing all sorts of silly things and enjoying his canine life. His greatest love of all is squirrels! This playful pup loves nothing more than spending his free time chasing after these mischievous critters who love to taunt him. His squirrel-obsession has even interfered with his helping with the outdoor chores!

Another thing that Major loves to do is spend time on the water! He enjoys relaxing on the bow of the boat, feeling the cool breeze ruffling his fur. He also relishes lying out in the sunlight, especially when he gets to wear his awesome sunglasses! Another favorite pastime is relaxing on a floatie in the pool, being rocked to sleep by the gentle waves!

Major isn’t just your average water-loving, squirrel-chasing Yorkie, though! In fact, he is also the best pooch at posing for photos! This master of modeling always knows just how to present himself to get the most amazing pictures. Whether it be posing with a book and reading glasses, or next to the family jack-o-lanterns, this pup is definitely star material.

Major is the cutest Yorkie around, and it’s really not hard to see why. His family can’t imagine life without their little ‘Sir Barks A Lot’ and they try to live each day to the fullest. This happy-go-lucky pup is sure to have many great years to come, full of love, laughter, and lots of stunning snapshots!

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