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Mama Cow Is Separated From Her Calf During Rescue, When She Finally Sees Him, Her Reaction Leaves Rescuers Speechless

August 21, 2017

I think we could all learn a lot from the animal kingdom when it comes to empathy and love. We constantly see that animals are willing to go above and beyond for their children and family and the bond they form with each other is unique and beautiful to behold. When it comes to displays of affection and love, a cow was one of the last animals I would think of. However, according to workers at Gentle Barn, cows have some of the strongest maternal instincts on the planet. This was proven by a mama cow named Karma when she was brought to Gentle Barn without her beloved calf.

When workers at Gentle Barn heard about a cow in need of rescuing, they dropped everything and rushed over to the scene to help. The workers were able to rescue Karma, the cow, in the late hours of the evening and transport her to their safe refuge. The rescuers thought that Karma would love her new surroundings. The cow, however, cried all through the night which left the rescuers confused and trying to figure out what was wrong. When they checked on her the next morning, they finally realized what had Karma crying so much. Karma had a young calf that was left behind in the rescue and she was desperate to be reunited with her child. The rescuers immediately went back to the rescue site to find the calf.

Karma continued crying out for her baby until she saw a truck pulled up next to her enclosure. The mama cow called out in hopes of hearing her baby and, sure enough, her call was answered by a much smaller cry. The workers opened the back of the trailer and out walked Karma's calf. The little cow was exhausted and, upon seeing his mother, collapsed from excitement and lack of food. The workers quickly got the calf back on his feet and into the enclosure with his mother. Within minutes, the calf getting a long-awaited meal from Karma and the family was together, forever, once again. Watch the video below to see the emotional reunion.

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