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Mama Dog Can't Figure Out Why Her Puppy Is Crying! But, The Reason Why Will Leave You SMILING! [VIDEO]

April 06, 2017

At just 2 weeks old these Maltipoo pups are opening their eyes and taking in their surroundings. 

They just don't seem too interested in exploring those surroundings. 

That seems to be ok with their parents though; it make for an easy day of lying around! 

However, one of the pups, Millie, starts to wine and cry. 

Mom goes to check on her but can't seem to find anything wrong; Millie just continues to cry. 

Mom tries feeding the pups; that doesn't seem to console Millie at all. 

Mom is confused and Dad is staying out of it. 

All of a sudden Millie goes quiet; Mom looks to see what has happened and what does she see? 

Millie has found a ball to play with; it doesn't take long for Millie to tire herself out and take a nap! 

Was that all Millie was whining about? We may never know, but we know she is happy now! 

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