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Man Approaches Herd Of Cattle With An Accordion. When The Cows Hear The Music, They Do The Unthinkable

February 21, 2018

Happiness is best when shared! That’s what we think here at All Cute All The Time, and today we’ve found one of the cutest videos on the internet! Truly, this one doesn’t disappoint!

In Garmisch, Germany, a man named Don works on a dairy farm. His cattle are his pride and joy and every day, they make him smile. Don tends to think of his cattle as animals rather than machines, which is he goes above and beyond to keep them comfortable and happy. 

Shockingly enough, Don spends hours every day playing music to his cattle on an old accordion. He claims that they love the sounds of the accordion and when they hear the music, they actually join in along with his playing!

You’re probably thinking, “How could a herd of cattle join in with music?” Well, these cattle just happen to be wearing bells around their neck! And when they hear the music, they sway to the sound and it causes their bells to ring! It’s the cutest thing ever!

As it would turn out, cows actually love music! It’s true; it relaxes them! Don knows that his cows need to be relaxed in order to produce the best milk, so he plays music for them each and every day. He smiles at the thought of how much his cows love the combination of his accordion and their bells.

Don thought it was pretty cute too and decided that the world needed to see it, so he shared it online! After hundreds of thousands of views online, it finally made it to the All Cute offices! Check out this extreme cuteness! We just can’t get enough!!


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