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Man Attempts To Kidnap A Child. The Mother’s Superhero Response Is Amazing!

September 13, 2017

All parents have a duty to prepare their little ones for the ways of this world, so they can grow up using discernment in the everyday decisions they make. The hope is that this preparation will help their children avoid life-threatening or heartbreaking situations that could cause them harm in the future. Parents accomplish this task by reminding their children, every single day, to stay away from strangers, avoid candy from people they don’t know, and never give an unfamiliar person their name.  

You watch your child like a hawk because it’s your job to protect them. If, by some horrible chance, someone were to hurt or kidnap your child, your life would come to a screeching halt. No words could express the depths of despair you would experience from that day forward. Your kids are your life and they will always have your heart. Let's be real. Even though you pour your heart and soul into your children, there are some unforeseen circumstances that are completely out of your control.


In this video, a mother’s worst nightmare unfolds. With two children in tow, a toddler on her hip, and the other child in-hand, the mom walks into the store. With only one other customer directly in front of her, the situation seems safe enough to release her oldest daughter’s hand, or so she thinks.  

Her child, who is standing directly in front of the store door, is minding her own business, only a few feet away from where her mother stands. Without warning, the store door flies open, and a hand reaches in, unexpectedly snatching the child away from her loving family.

The mother, with her super women power, sees everything out of the corner of her eye. Without a moment’s hesitation, she lunges toward the front door. Flying out the door and harnessing every ounce of energy she has, she grabs her little girl away from the kidnapper.

The mother, successfully saving her little girl, embraces her daughter and immediately sits down. Crying, holding both her children, it sinks in that her worst nightmare has just taken place. Through the tears, this Super Mom is filled with gratitude that, somehow, she had been able to save the day! This is truly an amazing rescue that everyone should see!

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