Man Finds 3 Tiny "Kittens" On The Side Of The Road. After Rescuing Them He Discovers They Aren't Ordinary Cats

September 11, 2017

Recently, my co-workers and I found two tiny kittens outside our building, no more than three weeks old. Because they were so small, we decided to watch them and see if mama cat would come back before we did anything. Lo and behold, within a few minutes, their protective mom reappeared and made it clear she did not want us anywhere near her babies. So, we left her alone but started to leave out food for her. A few days later, mama cat decided she had had enough of us and moved her babies to a safe place where we "strange" humans could not get to her precious children.

For a man named Hamdan Shibli, things take a bit of a different turn when he, too, finds some stray kitties. He posts a pic of them and, to his surprise, discovers that these are no ordinary kittens; they are actually wildcats!

In Israel, 18-year-old Hamdan Shibli is on his way to work when he spots two tiny kittens huddled together on the side of the road, so he stops to see if he can help. After looking around for their mother he realizes she’s nowhere to be found, so Shibli decides to move them off the road to safety. When he moves the two, he’s surprised to discover a third in the bushes. He leaves the kittens and heads to work, but not before he takes a picture and posts it on social media.

Soon after he posts, he gets word that his feline find is something truly special. What he had found were no ordinary kittens, but actually wildcats! Armed with this new information, Hamdan hurries back to where he had left the kittens, gathers them up, and rushes them to an animal clinic. Doctors and staff begin working on the kittens right away and, through their heroic efforts, manage to save two of the three. Today, this amazing wildcat duo are happy and healthy. Watch the video below for more on this story.

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