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Man Hears Curious Noise Inside Chest That He Just Bought. What He Finds Shocks Everyone!

July 29, 2017

Most of us have heard the old adage "One man's trash is another man's treasure", my mom used to say that to me quite often while perusing garage sales or second-hand stores. One place this is certainly true is an estate sale. There you can find all sorts of treasures. Most of them are not worth a fortune, but you can often find something that tickles your fancy. Some people are lucky and find genuine pieces of art, old 1st or 2nd edition books and what many people wish there was more of today; solid wood furniture. 

Emil Knodell of Bellville, Texas thought he had found a nice treasure at an estate sale. The piece was a beautiful hand-crafted walnut 3 drawer chest complete with a marble top from around the year 1890. Emil thought it was a steal for just $100 and planned to use it in his dining room. What he did not know was what had been waiting to be discovered inside one of the drawers. 

After he bought the chest, an estate company employee was helping him load it up. That is when they heard a strange sound coming from inside. It was a rattling, that intrigued both men. Upon further investigation, Emil discovered a secret drawer hidden within the bottom drawer.In that drawer, there were all kinds of treasures! Valuable treasures such as jewelry with diamonds and emeralds and also personal family treasures such as a lock of hair and military dog tags.

Perhaps, the greatest surprise to many people is what he did with all of this found treasure. Emil, an old ex-Marine, said he never even questioned what he should do. He contacted the company that was hosting the sale and arranged for the treasure to be given back to the owner or that person's family. 

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