Stranger Gives Waiter Tip Of A Lifetime, Seconds Later His Words Bring The Young Man To Tears

July 31, 2017

If you have ever had a rough day before, you know how important it is to have the right people around you. Friends and family have the ability to say the right thing at the right time which makes everything better. Sometimes, however, days can be rough and friends and family aren't around, but somehow, some way, the right person comes along and changes everything. That is exactly what happened to a young waiter one evening when a kind man and his family decided to make sure he had the best day ever.

One night, a man named Maurice Green took his family out to dinner. The night was going great but Maurice and his daughter noticed that their waiter was having a rough time. It was around the holiday season so it was safe to assume that the restaurant was extremely busy. The young man did his best to keep his composure but something caught Maurice's eye. Maurice's daughter told her dad to tip the young man 20% but then add a zero to it. Maurice decided to do something even better than that.

When the young waiter came to clear the plates off the table, Maurice stopped him. The father asked the young man if he was having a rough day and the waiter said that he was. Maurice then handed the young man a 100 dollar bill. The young man teared up instantly, informing Maurice that he had helped him pay his car off. While speaking encouragement to the young man, Maurice handed him 200 dollars more. Maurice hugged the waiter, telling him to believe in people and to always be himself. Needless to say, the young man would never forget the night that Maurice and his family changed his life! Watch the video below to see the emotional encounter.

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