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Man Hears Terrifying Screams Coming From Outside. The Camera Starts Rolling And He's Left In Total Fear

March 27, 2018

Nature has an interesting way of being majestic and terrifying all at once. While it’s vast and massive beyond belief, it can create some overwhelming instances. Think of a calm ocean just moments before a hurricane or a tsunami occurs; all at once, nature take’s its natural course and it’s more than you’d ever imagine.

In Moricetown, British Columbia, a man was sitting in his home when he heard a shrill sound come from outside. What he heard filled his body with fear and he immediately jumped up in shock. Although, when he waited and listened for the terrifying sound, he heard nothing… After a moment of silence, he began to hear the faint sound again.

He could tell it was coming from outside his house… This time, the sound is louder… and scarier, than before.

That's when the man ran out to his porch. He searched around for what might be a woman in distress, but he saw no one. While there was no person outside, there was a massive forest. Directly outside his house is a huge forest. The woods go on for miles and miles and trees stand tall. As he leans towards the direction of the sound, he hears the sound again.

Shocked at what he’s hearing, he pulls out his phone and begins recording the terrifying shrills that are coming from the forest.

He listens in shock as he realizes that sound is coming from the forest. The only thing he can think is “How?!” The sounds that he was hearing were enough to make a grown man run in fear! He listened in disbelieve as he tried to pinpoint the sound.

The man can’t quite associate the sounds to anything known to man but in order to calm his own nerves, he equates the sound to an animal mating calls or winds rushing through the trees. Although…after hearing it ourselves, he can’t really be certain. We know nature can do some crazy things, but have you ever heard anything like this?!

Give the recording a listen below and let us know if you having any idea what the frightening sound could be coming from!


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