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Man Hears Whimpering and Crying During His Jog. When He Looks Out Into the Distance, He Can’t Believe What He Sees Running Towards Him

February 22, 2018

In a little town in Greece, a man was out on his daily jog. Knowing the terrain all too well, he could run the hills and trails with his eyes closed and never miss a beat. But this day, was not like any other day.

On a Saturday morning during his job, he could sense that something felt “out of place” during his jog. That’s when he read it; while running along the trail, he heard a soft whimper in the distance. He stopped for a minute, then, right before he took off again, he heard the whimpering again.

As the soft whimpers turned to cries, the man peered out into the distance. That’s when he saw a small white puppy running towards him! He looked around and realized that he was the only person out there. The puppy was running to him.

The man was shocked. The puppy appeared to have been on its own in the field for at least a couple days. He was matted and quite dirty and his overzealous energy made the man think that he was overwhelmed with a hope of being rescued.

The puppy cried and squealed and barked while the man began filming his discovery. The puppy was so excited, he ran right up to the man and rolled over so that the man could scratch his belly and give him love.

The man decided to end his jog early and take the puppy to the nearest animal shelter. From what rescuers could tell, the puppy had been on its own for at least 3 days. After a bath, some sleep, and some good food, the puppy was well enough to be put up for adoption.

Only a couple days after being taken into the shelter, the sweet pup was adopted and is now in a loving home with a family that admires him. If it hadn’t been for the jogger, who knows what would have happened!

Check out the amazing video of the puppy and the jogger’s first interaction! The puppy’s reaction is priceless!!


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