Man Hid Camera in a Bucket of Water to See What Animals Would Come to Drink. The Footage He Captured Left Him Breathless

August 11, 2017

Sometimes nature has a way of surprising us in the most unlikely ways. A group from The Field Lab in the great plains of Texas found a way to capture the true essence of nature in the most unforeseen way imaginable. Since this idea, they were able to capture the hearts of more than six million YouTube viewers.


They concocted an idea to place a camera in the base of a watering bucket and set it out on the property. Once the recording started, they would be able to see what animals would come to visit throughout the day. Much to their great surprise, they had quite a unique crowd of visitors stop by to take a sip of the cool, refreshing water.


Among the visitors were a group of bees (who were safely rescued!), a burro, a rabbit, roosters, and a bull! Check out the video below to see the breathtaking imagery they captured. Sometimes it takes seeing the world from a different angle to appreciate nature in its truest form.

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