Man Leaves GoPro Unattended In Dog Park, Resulting In The Cutest High Speed Chase Around

February 19, 2018

Dog Parks are wonderful, and a great place to bring your pup for a good romp with some friends! Of course, they can also be quite dangerous at times, whether it be from misbehaving canines or one of a thousand other possibilities! One man found this out himself when he left his go-pro unattended at the park!

He set his go-pro down on the grass of the park, hoping to get some really cool footage of the dogs as they ran about and romped, having a heck of a good time. Unfortunately for him, he certainly didn’t think this plan through as the dogs were a bit more curious about the little camera than even he had anticipated.

One of the mischievous pups picked up the camera in his mouth and led the other canines on a chase through the park. The camera’s owner set off at a run as well, hoping to grab it back as quick as possible. Eventually, after a short race, the dog dropped the camera into the grass, leaving behind nothing but a hysterical little video.