Man Listens To The Radio While Cleaning Garage. When The Music Changes, So Does His Behavior And It’s The Greatest Thing We’ve Seen All Day

September 06, 2017

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who thoroughly enjoys doing household chores. The simple day-to-day cleanups aren’t a bother for most. When it comes to deep cleaning, though, that’s a whole other story altogether. Deep cleaning takes a lot more time, effort, and can seem to take up the entire day. That, alone, is enough to make most people postpone the cleaning process for days on end!

One fellow has devised a way to make clean-up time a whole lot more enjoyable, and thousands of viewers online agree with his method. On this particular day, he is taking on the dreaded task of cleaning up the shed. Everything else has been neatly packed away and all that’s left is the dusty floor. He grabs his large broom and begins to casually sweep along the perimeters of the flooring. In the background, the radio quietly hums a catchy tune.

As a second song begins to play, the man’s mood instantly changes. He turns what could have been a humdrum task into a fun, dance-filled experience. He tosses aside his broom and begins to step and sway to the funky beat. If every cleaning task were this fun, I think we’d all get a kick out of chores! Check out the video, below, to watch his hilarious routine. It’s impossible to watch without a smile on your face!

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