Man On Hike Notices 4 Dogs Protecting A Blanket On The Ground. When He Pulls Back The Blanket He Discovers An Infant

August 10, 2017

We all know dogs are typically very loving and caring animals. They are also protective and loyal, but this story takes the cake on proving that fact. For these four homeless dogs, they are about to show the world just how great dogs can be.

A teacher named Ulnas Chowdhury was on a walk through the woods near his house. Ulnas had done this many times before but there was something different about this walk. He saw in the distance four dogs - the dogs that were mentioned earlier - off the path by the bushes. He heard a strange noise coming from their direction, so he went over to investigate. Ulnas noticed the dogs were protecting a blanket that was moving and as he got closer, he could hear sounds coming from that blanket.

Ulnas immediately got down and pulled back the blanket to reveal a baby girl all wrapped up inside. The dogs were clearly protecting her and were excited to see someone had come to her rescue. The dogs sat patiently next to the baby, never leaving her side. Ulnas got the attention of some neighbors to help out the situation. One neighbor even started feeding her some milk.

Ulnas took the newborn baby girl back to his house until the police arrived. Not only did these incredible dogs get the attention of Ulnas, they also protected the baby until help arrived. They definitely saved this little girl's life! This story is just proof that we should never underestimate the power of love that comes from a pooch.

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