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Man Punches Kangaroo Right In The Nose - And People All Over The World Are Freaking Out

February 26, 2018

Greig Tonkins, an employee at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, finds himself in an unexpected boxing match when he comes upon a full-grown Kangaroo buck holding his dog, Max, in a vicious headlock.

No one knows why the kangaroo is displaying this uncharacteristically-aggressive behavior but, regardless, it’s clear that Max is completely trapped in the buck’s grasp. Some have suggested that perhaps the kangaroo has been spooked by the sudden appearance of the canine and reacts defensively. The pup is struggling to escape but is overpowered by the beastly marsupial.

How dangerous is a kangaroo...really? Marsupial expert Dr. Mark Eldridge from the Australian Museum tells news.com.au, "Male kangaroos have very big forearms and are very strong.” Telegraph article

A large male kangaroo can grow to six or seven feet tall and weigh upwards of 200 pounds.

"When kangaroos fight they do tend to wrestle and kick, but they would normally view dogs and dingoes as predators and usually flee from them.

"But in this case, maybe the dog surprised the roo (kangaroo) and got too close. And in turn, the kangaroo defended itself instead of running away, and did so by getting the dog in a headlock."

When Tonkins arrives on the scene, hoping that the kangaroo will be scared off, he has to size up the situation. When the buck refuses to relinquish his prey, Tonkins must step up his game if he hopes to free his pet.

When the kangaroo sees that his opponent is not leaving, the animal turns his attention to the tall “predator” and lets the dog loose. Instead of retreating, though, the buck moves aggressively toward the man.

Before the marsupial has a chance to move any closer, the determined human rears back and lands a powerful punch on the kangaroo’s kisser. By the way the buck flies back, it’s clear that the blow lands right on target.

Stunned but not stupid, the kangaroo backs off and decides to turn and hop away, toward the forest to nurse his wounds.

Because we will probably never know why this scenario took place, we’ll just have to be happy that everyone survived the ordeal and no one received serious injury.  What do you think of the way the man handled the situation. Would you have done anything differently?

To see the entire episode, click on the video, below. After you watch, be sure to give us your opinion. We’d love to hear from you. For us, the jury is still out.

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