Man Rescues Hundreds Of Animals. Watch As He Builds His Very Own Dog Shelter While Igniting The Rescue Movement Around The World

September 06, 2017

It’s sad to think about, but not every place in the world treats animals with the respect and love they deserve. In fact, in many countries, dogs do not have any rights; their mistreatment is an all-too-common scenario. It’s fortunate that there are people who are paving the way, spreading light on issues that need resolving, and changing the world, day by day. Hosein is one these people. His country, Iran, does not have very many dog shelters.  Abused, sick, or neglected dogs roaming the streets is a common occurrence.


Hosein is setting out on his very own journey, to save as many animals as he possibly can. Hosein says, “This is a calling and responsibility which I took on wholeheartedly and with all that I have.” You can witness him saving dogs, cats, and even a turtle crossing the road. If he encounters a stray animal with a heartbeat, he is bound to save it.


Animal rescues are scarce in Iran so Hosien decides to start building his very own animal shelter, a safe dwelling for animals to lay their heads...a place they can call home. Saving hundreds of dogs in the meantime, he is paving the way for the future, setting an incredible example, not only for the people in his country, but for everyone in the whole entire world. Get ready to be inspired by the courageous acts of one incredible man!

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