Man Spots Drowning Animal At Zoo, When People Refused To Help What He Did Next Shocked Everyone

August 01, 2017

There are times in life that we are presented with choices. Choices that can either make us into heroes or leave us as just another face in the crowd. A man named Rick Swope was presented with one such choice one day while visiting a zoo with his family and he amazed everyone with the choice he made.

One afternoon, Rick Swopes was enjoying the beautiful sunshine with his family. They decided to make a trip to the Detroit Zoo and Rick's children were so excited to see all the different animals. After exploring the zoo for an hour or so, Rick and his family came upon the chimpanzee enclosure.

Rick and his family looked on as many of the apes kept them entertained with their antics but Rick soon noticed two apes that appeared to be having an altercation. As Rick watched, the smaller of the two apes, JoJo, decided he was better off playing somewhere else.

The bigger chimp, however, wanted to prove a point and chased after JoJo. Apes have a tendency to be aggressive and territorial so the behavior of the larger chimp was not out of place. JoJo scrambled up a nearby tree in order to escape his attacker but in doing so, lost his footing and fell into the water filled moat that surrounded the enclosure.

Rick waited for the chimp to emerge from the water but soon realized that the ape could not swim. The chimp tried to scramble to the shore but only exhausted himself. Rick noticed that there were zoo workers watching the traumatic ordeal and he yelled at them to help the chimp. The workers told him they couldn't do anything to help because of the danger involved. Because apes are so territorial and considerably stronger than humans, it would have been crazy to enter the enclosure.

Rick, however, could not simply stand by and let the chimp die. So, throwing caution to the wind, Rick dove into the moat. People looked on in amazement as Rick grabbed hold of the chimp and swam towards the shore. The chimp wasn't moving much but after a moment or two, the ape sprang to life on the shore. After being sure the chimp wouldn't fall back in, Rick quickly swam back to the other side and climbed out of the enclosure.

While it may not have been the wisest thing to do, Rick made a heroic decision to save the life of an ape that could not fend for itself. The crowd cheered as Rick climbed out and no one, especially JoJo, would forget the good Samaritan that risked his life to save another at the zoo that day. Watch the video below to witness the amazing rescue.

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