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Man Tells His Dog He Got Him A Kitten. Dogs Response Is Out Of This World And Has The Internet In Hysterics

August 17, 2017

This video is making people crack up all over the world. The owner of this dog tells him he went to the pet store and the dog's response and his reactions are to die for.

The man does the most epic voice over as his dog, as he walks around the living room. He leaps with excitement and wags his tail in anticipation for what his owner is about to say. Honestly, it's just too good and the man's timing on the words he chooses for when his dog opens his mouth is amazing.

This dog is desperate for a play mate and his owner knows it. They go back and forth with banter until the man reveals that he got the dog a kitten. The dog said, 'What does she look like, what does she look like?"  The man said, "You want to go see her?" The dog response, "Yes, yeah. Let's go!" But why am I  telling you all about it, watch the video below and see for yourself!

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