Man Took His Dog For A Run Everyday, When Neighbors Looked Closer, They Were Blown Away By How Special Their Run Truly Was

August 23, 2017

There are few bonds on earth that are as special as the bond between a man and his dog. The love and joy a person lavishes on their dog can only be matched by the amount of love a dog shows to their human in return. You might say that when a dog and their human companion form that bond, one cannot function without the other. This is especially true for a dog named Loois and his owner Craig. Not only are they best friends but Craig says he would give his life for Loois and he proves that every single day.

Loois and Craig have been best friends for many years. When Craig first brought Loois home, the bond between them was instant. Craig noticed, however, that Loois seemed to be in constant pain whenever he walked. After taking Loois to the hospital, Craig was informed that Loois had an extra vertebra that was causing him extreme discomfort. During the surgery to correct Loois' problem, the vertebra broke and Loois was paralyzed. After the incident, Craig decided that he would dedicate his life to making sure Loois lived the best life he possibly could. Craig needed Loois just as much, if not more than Loois needed him and he wasn't about to give up on his best friend. Craig went above and beyond to give Loois his best life, which all started with their daily jog together.

Craig would attach a harness to Loois' hind quarters every morning and carry the dogs back legs while Loois used his front legs to move around. They did this every morning. Craig let Loois dictate the pace and duration of their jog and after they were done, it was straight into the garage for some fitness and play time. Craig would help Loois do exercises that helped keep the muscles active on his hind legs and Loois loved playing fetch with the help of the harness that Craig had created for him. These two friends really couldn't live life without each other and everyone who saw their relationship stood in amazement of the special bond the two friends shared throughout their lives. Watch the video below to see the duo's daily routine and to catch a glimpse of their lives together.

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